Animals on the farm – very close – friendly to children

Our farm is a small livestock business. Here you can get close to some animals:

the cows and calves in the stable or out on the pasture, the watchful farmdog “Rexi” the little pony “Blacky”, the big Haflinger Horse “Ilse”, the clucking hens, lots of sheep, the cheeky guinea pigs, the nice rabbits and the sweet little cats you can play with.

Your children may of course feed, stroke and caress the animals and you are welcome to go into the stable withthe farmer Sepp and get to know the animal’s world.

In the summer months our cattle, horses and sheep are brought up to our mountain pasture the “Saltnerhütte in Tschapit”, where they enjoy the healthy fresh pasture grass in freedom. You are always welcome to come up to out mountain pasture to visit our animals.

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